What’s it worth? Appraisal of antique German beer stein

Jim asks: Here is the first of five items I have for you to appraise, is this a Mettlach beer stein?

german beer steinantique stein

 AW says:  Hello Jim, thanks for your appraisal request. That’s a neat antique German stein, but it’s not a Mettlach. Mettlach steins have a much more definitive outline and texture to the bass relief, which is, the embossed scene.

The scene on it, “hunters” depicts a popular theme in antique collecting.

Your stein is circa 1890-1925

What you have is a Mettlach type, or a wannabe of pretty good quality. Assuming that there are no chips and cracks, my values are as follows:

Retail: $95-$125

Wholesale: $60

Quick sale: $45

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