What’s it worth? Appraisal of antique coffin

Steve asks:

A lady brought this into my store.  Said she found it in a grain bin.

The inside measurements are 20” long, 3.5” wide at the top, 5.25” wide at the widest part, 3” wide at the foot, and 3.75” deep.

The lid hangs over just a tad all the way around.  It looks like a miniature wood coffin.  Maybe an old sample?  Maybe someone was just bored and made it.

What do you think?

antique baby coffin

baby casketvictoriannails on antique baby casket

AW says:  Thanks for sending in all the good photos of your item including the several not posted here. The pic of the back or underside of this, shows a cross-cut saw was used and the soda can picture gives an insight to size.

That’s a real baby casket Steve. Because the method use is hand construction, it’s difficult to determine it’s exact age, which will matter little in this case. This shape and style preceeds the date of this item by far. The nails appear to be old round top, or “rosehead” nails.

The condition is very good and this appears to be un-used. From a sales point of view, the challenge here is that the target market is narrow. However, the item is scarce and a collector may pay good cash if it’s something they want. Morbid to one, is beauty to another.

If I were selling this, I’d either bring it to Brimfield, or try GothicRoseAntiques.com.

It appears to be made of pine.

Circa late 1700s to mid 1800s.


Retail value = $325

Wholesale value = $125

Quick sale value = $75

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