What’s it worth? Appraisal of antique cameo pin

Karl asks: What can you tell me about this pin?

1.       Think it is over 100 years old
2.       Pin is in excellent shape.

antique cameoback of antique cameo brooch

AW says: That’s a beautiful hand carved Victorian era pin, or brooch. Many of these fillagree pins of this quality are set in gold, and because you’ve sent me very good pics of the back, I can see what I believe to be a 14k mark on the pin housing in the back.

That is, if you look where the tip of the pin enters the locked housing which is pictured to the left if you’re looking at the back of the pin, you can see what looks like the characters, 14k. When these are marked, that’s where they are usually marked.

Add to the value, I’d bet the pearls are real that adorn the outter and the diamond is very likely real as well.

If you look at your pin, and it is NOT marked, let me know, I’ll revise this appraisal, but for now, we’ll go with what looks to be obvious.

This is a circa, mid to late 19th century, antique hand carved cameo.

Retail value: $450

Wholesale: $300

Quick sale: $175

Keywords, fillagree, gold, cameo, victorian, hand carved