What’s it worth? Appraisal of a Colt 45 SA hand gun

William asks:

Item for appraisal:

1873 Colt Single Action Army 45 revolver, ORIGINAL not reproduction. 4 1/2” barrel SN 28370SA finish blued, well worn from  holster wear. Barrel has no pits or other damage, well cared for. No rust.
with black holster and belt with cartridge loops.


colt 45 sa model 1873

AW says: That is quite an impressive item. As you probably know, this was the epitome of the Wild West. It’s said that you cannot make a realistic Western Movie without one of these Colt classics.

The condition and the good color of the bluing helps it out immensely. If it’s all good inside as well as out, you’ve got a great gun.

This is an original as you’ve stated, but they made these models in many years. By the serial # on yours we know that your model was made in 1959. (28370SA) Click here for age verification.

These don’t come on the market all that often, and when they do, the best way to sell them is via a well advertised auction which contains like items. This ensures competitive bidding which is what you want when selling such an important piece of Americana.

Retail value = $3,000-$4,500.

Wholesale = $1,750

Quick sale = N/A An item like this should never have to suffer a quick sale value.

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