What’s it worth? Appraisal of 9 camel bone paintings

William asks:

Here are pictures of 9 miniature paintings on camel bone, they are from Iran. They were acquired from the same source. The backs are all cellophaned   

Some of them have the name Emami on the back, which I assume is the name of the artist.                                         

Can  you tell me how old they might be? 





persian camel bone painting

iranian camel bone painting

AW says:  This is indeed a fascinating art. Because it’s done exactly the same way today, as it was done for hundreds, if not thousands of years, it’s very difficult to pinpoint age. From the style, patina and color of the camel bone in your paintings, I’d say that these are circa 1910-1950.

I’m sure emami is the name of the artist. It’s unlikely that you’d ever be able to track the artist as there were thousands of Iranians who painted such folk art. 

I agree the quality is excellent. (Reader’s should note that these average about 2×5”, so these are very small paintings)

My appraisal is for all 9, although only 2 are shown here. 

Retail value: $1,100-$1500

Wholesale: $700

Quick sale: $300-$400

Keywords: Iranian folk art, Emami, camel bone paintings, Persian art