What’s it worth? Appraisal of 5 German beer steins

Linda asks: How much are my German beer steins worth?

#1  #866   3 Liter Circa 1890

antique german beer stein

AW says: This 3 liter stein which has a romantic scene on the opposing side, the pewter conical lid appears to be in excellent condition, which is important to value. This is most likely a stein made in Northern Germany as this area of the country used tall, slender designs for the steins. The artwork on this is very good. Such work was carved into the pottey while it was still wet. 


  • Retail value: $325
  • Wholesale: $175
  • Quick sale: $95


#2 Handpainted by Munsterschutz  Probably a Mettlach

Handpainted by Munsterschutz   /></span></span> </p> <p class=Munsterschutz beer stein

 AW says: This is a beautiful hand painted stein, although I don’t believe it’s a Mettlach piece. Here’s why. You’ve made no reference to the Mettlach mark on the bottom and as far as I’m aware. almost all Mettlach pieces are signed. (Look for Villery & Boch signature also)


  • Retail value: $300
  • Wholesale: $175-$225
  • Quick sale: $125


#3   2 Liter Germany  Circa 1920

german beer stein dancing man

AW say: Although more of a novelty stein than the two previously appraised, this is a very fun piece and in it’s price range would likely sell quick.

Again, there’s no mention of a maker’s mark here, but it’s in the style of Marzi & Remy pieces.


  • Retail value: $195
  • Wholesale: $125
  • Quick sale: $75 


#4  #515   2 Liter Circa 1880

german stein

AW says: As the picture here, and the others that you’ve sent show, this stein features legendary Nordic figures. Two liters is sizable, and commands a respectable value. The artwork on this is very well done. Again, this bas relief was carved into the pottery when it was wet. This is why you’ll never see two of these steins exactly the same. 

The theme here will add a bit to the value.


  • Retail value: $325
  • Wholesale: $175
  • Quick sale: $125


#5  #491   1.5 Liter  Germany  Circa 1895

german stein with cherubs

 AW says: The depiction of Cherubum on this imbues a romantic quality about the stein. The motif and prodcution quality indicate care for the artwork, the process and importance. The condition of the porcelain and the pewter lid is excellent as is with the other stein examples you’ve sent. Aesthetics add value here.

These 5 steins represent a wonderful collection. You say they are part of a much larger collection. That being the case, if you decide to sell, you should present them in toto.


  • Retail value: $250
  • Wholesale: $175
  • Quick sale: $95


Keywords for these steins:


  • Marzi and Remy
  • Villeroy and Boch
  • Mettlach
  • Northern Germany
  • Pewter lid
  • No bump on handle
  • 19th centry
  • hand carved
  • hand painted
  • Nordic
  • Cherubs