What’s it worth? Appraisal of 1930s refrigerator

Chris asks:

I have a (what I’m pretty sure is) 1933 Westinghouse refrigerator. There is some light rust on the body but is in overall good shape. Surprisingly, the thing still runs great! The seal around the door is cracked and missing in some places.

old refrigerator

1933 westinghouse refrigerator

 AW says: Not too long ago, I would have said that this is not a salable item, people really only wanted the wooden ice boxes. However, in the past few years, decorators, and collectors have been coming around to these depression era collectible appliances.

The facts that your’s is in good shape and runs matters a lot.

Retail value: $350

Wholesale value $150-$200

Quick sale: $50-$125

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