What’s it worth? Appraisal for Waterford Sheila crystal

Mary asks:

What is my Waterford crystal worth?

1 decanter
9 rocks glasses
8 champagne goblets, one chipped
8 cordial glasses
3 sherry glasses
6 water 2 slightly chipped
7 wine 2 slightly chipped
I can send more pics if needed.  I have pics of the chipped glasses.  In your opinion would it be worth it to have them fixed before trying to sell the lot?
I got a price of 28/stem.

waterford crystal sheila pattern

Thank you

AW says: Hi Mary. First let me address the repair issue. If you’re planning on keeping the crystal for yourself because it has sentimental value and it’s worth it to you, then go ahead and have them repaired. However, if you’re looking at doing this for re-sale, it could be risky as you may not recoup the repair cost as you still may find it hard to get full price for a repaired piece. 

These are circa late 20th century and have a high retail price. Like many luxury items, retail prices can be hard to acheive these days, but Waterford is one of the best names in fine crystal.

Sales records for these indicate very high asking prices, but actual sell prices are much lower. This is a reflection of the economy and the wholesale markets.

Retail value: for the entire collection: $1,175 $1,400

Wholesale: $500-$600

Quick sale: $250

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