What’s it worth? Appraisal for vintage bedroom set

Lisa asks:

This is a bedroom set.  Not included in the photos is the bed and the mirror as well as a chair.
I would like to sell this set and need to know what it is and what it might sell for.
I know it is from the mid 1930s or so…and that it is French.  I can not find any writing anywhere on the set.
Please let me know if you need more photos.

matchbook veneer chest on chest

french furniturevintage french chest of drawers

AW says:  Hello Linda, the style is definitely French, many would call it French Provincial, although for the most part French Provincial furniture is most often painted white. These painted white “revival pieces” are less valuable than what you have.

Without a makers name, it’s nearly impossible to tell which company made it, but that is of little concern because it’s a revival set, not a period set, and as such, the quality of manufacture, is more important than the makers name.

Your set is of very good quality, and has value in that it’s made with a “matchbook” walnut veneer, which is very attractive. That all said, it’s very likely that it’s an American co. which made it, possible out of North or South Carolina, or Grand Rapids Michigan.

It does appear to be circa 1930s. My appraisal is for the set, including the pieces which you’ve indicated are included, but not in the pictures.

Retail value: $650-$725

Wholesale value  $250-$400

Quick Sale          $150

Keywords: matchbook veneer, walnut veneer, french style, french provincial, bedroom suite. chest on chest. (BTW, the chest on chest is the  most valuable piece in the lot)

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