What’s it worth? Appraisal for Magnavox Stereophonic Hi-Fi

Maureen asks:

This is a 50 year old Magnavox Stereophonic, Hi-Fi radio/ record player given to my Grandmother by my Dad. The wood is mahogany with mesh sides.

AW says: 

Hello Maureen, this is a relic, but unfortunately, not a very marketable item. If this were in basically unused condition, you would still have quite a hard time selling it fast. You may however, be able to convince someone to retro-fit it into a wonderful cabinet. 



The problem with these as they are put into use again, surges and crackles usually make the electronics unreliable. 

These Stereophonic HI-FIs were at the top of the line and set in great cabinets, that were appreciated in the day.  I had such a reverence for these old consoles at one time, that I had though of starting a salvage plan, which would turn them into guitar and bass amp cabinets…but I didn’t really have the talent for that to build a prototype.  (I still think that’s a good idea and would love to see someone try it)

You already know the date, this is early 1960s 

Retail value: $125

Wholesale: $50

Quick sale: $35

Keywords= record player, hi-fi, stereophonic, magnavox