What’s it worth? Appraisal for India brass lamp

Peggy asks: I bought this lamp at a thrift store recently, simply because I liked the finish.  It is metal an appears to have nickel/silver (?) inlays or raised areas.

india brass lampbrass lamp base

india brass lamp base

AW says: Thanks for your 2nd request Peggy. That’s actually a brass lamp, possibly overlayed with silver, but the base metal is brass. This was made in India, where some of the finest brass in the world is made.

Your vase has an exceptional amount of detail. The labor that makes such things is not well paid, and in large part, we place value on many things according to how much the labor that made it is paid.

Circa 1940-80 (It’s very difficult to narrow down exactly because these types of pieces have been made for many years.)

 Retail value: $125 (99 of 100 similar pieces would be $50 or less, but your lamp really does have exquisitte detail.)

Wholesale:   $45

Quick sale:  $25

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