What’s it worth? Appraisal for Graceland Fred Thrasher print

Graceland Fred Thrasher print

Shawntay asks:

I wanted to know if you could help me find out what this is worth. It is a print called Graceland, only a thousand of these where made it is a limited edition.

The painter is Fred Thrasher. It is an oil painting and its 177/1000 and he has signed it. I’m not sure how much this is worth really and I haven’t really seen it on the web at all.
Can you please help me?

AW says:

Hi Shawntay, according to Mr Thrasher, the original print was sold for $15.00 and he now claims that this print is valued at $100.00.
But as with any new, ‘limited edition’ collectible, you may have a hard time getting that price for it.
Generally speaking, new collectibles are hot for about 2 weeks to a couple of months when they first hit the market, then cool off until they have some age to them.

I advise anyone investing in new collectibles, to ONLY buy something at full price if you really like it and want to keep it, otherwise it’s not likely to earn a profit for quite a while.