What’s it worth? Appraisal for Gorham Sterling Silver Buttercup flatware

Anna K from NY asks: Hello Wally, I have some Sterling Silver flatware by Gorham which is in excellent condition. It’s the Buttercup pattern. I have 15 pieces, 3 dinner forks, 3 salad forks, 3 butter knives, 3 soup spoons and 3 small spoons. How much is it worth?

AW says: Thanks for the question, as you may know, Gorham is on of America’s most well known Silversmiths. Their work is of very high quality and you have one of their best antique patterns. This is a turn of the century Victorian era pattern with a beautiful floral motif that is in very high demand right now. Prices fluctuate for this, but the movement trend is up,up up.

Set’s of over 50 pieces are bringing well over $2000.00. Of course these include the more pricey, larger serving pieces which bring to value to a peak. However, if you were to try to market what you have in a set, by that I mean 5 pieces in each, so you’d have 3 sets. Based on the research I’ve done it wouldn’t surprise me to see a retail price of $150.00 to $200.00 per set and I may revise that higher upon further research.
(My appraisal is for pieces that are not monogrammed, subtract at least 20% for monogrammed pieces.)

Good luck.



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  1. The Farris Family

    Hi, I have several pieces of a very old Reed and Barton pattern Les Six Fleurs that I would like to sell, but I have no idea what to sell each piece for. They have no monogram. Could you give me an idea of how I should go about pricing each piece?
    Farris in Memphis

  2. AuctionWally

    You didn’t say which 6 pieces you had, but no matter, if you are serious about selling them, anything in Sterling Silver is very easy to sell right now, as is anything in Gold.
    Take some very good pictures, make sure to include the Sterling mark, and list them on eBay, I wold start them low because they will get a lot attention that way.
    If your not experienced in eBay, you could find someone who is or try Craigslist.

    Good Luck with them.


  3. AuctionWally

    That’s a tough call, it used to be that sets brought more money, but now people are finding that you can get more $ by breaking up the set and selling on eBay.
    If they were mine, I’d sell them individually, but list them at the same time for cross marketing value. Also, you’d want to place some in different categories.
    Good Luck,

  4. AuctionWally

    If you have experience and a good presence on eBay, then by all means go for that option. It always pays to sell yourself if your qualified. The key here is to really know whether or not you are. A typical dealer or wholesaler will offer between 20 -35% of retail price.
    If your confident you can beat that, then go ahead.
    I’ll be coming out with a new eBook that will be addressing this very subject. “How to Get Top Dollar for your Valuables in Tough Times”
    Watch for that, it will be price inexpensively and contain the best from my 25 years of selling experience.

    Good luck

  5. Brittany Oliver

    Hi, I have an insanely old 80-piece F.B. Rogers silver-plated flatware set that I want to sell, but I haven’t got a clue how much it would go for. And I’m not sure if i should sell it by piece, or the entire set as a whole. Could you give me an estimate, or tell me what you think?

    Thank you,

  6. AuctionWally

    Hello Brittany,
    Thanks for your interest, if your interested in getting a complete appraisal, click on the link below to find out more.

    I’ve started a new site to handle the large amount of requests for further information. It’s The Auctionwally Network. There, you can ask questions, network with others, upload pictures, even list your item for sale if you choose to, all for free.

    I hope you have a minute to stop by! Click here to visit the Auctionwally Network. at http://auctionwally.ning.com


  7. AuctionWally

    Hello, I am no longer replying to Anonymous comments. It is too difficult to track them.

    It only takes a second to enter a name, it need not be your real name.



  8. Karen C.

    I have a Siam set of brass flatware with wooden handles and a Buddha on the end. It is a complete set with 11 pc. servings for 12 people and 12 serving utensils (144 pieces total). It is all in the original case. In your opinion, what do you think the value of this set would be?

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