What’s it worth? Appraisal for Boston Rocker

Brenda says:
Hi Walt,
I purchased this Beautiful Rocking Chair at an Estate Sale.  I need to know the Age, Wood, Maker and Value and anything else you can tell me about it.
It is in the original state, except for one spindle that was replaced.  It is not painted nor does it have any markings anywhere.
boston rocker
AW says: Brenda, your chair is a mid 19th century Boston rocker. This is one of the most popular rocking chair designs ever to be made. The reason for this is it’s comfort.
Most of these were made of a combination of pine and maple, with hickory or oak rockers. Your’s appears to follow  suit.
As for maker, it’s almost impossible to say for sure because this is such a generic design and was made by many different craftsmen.
The style was invented by Lambert Hitchcock, but your’s does not appear to be a Hitchcock rocker. The reason I say this, is that almost all examples of L H rockers were painted black and stenciled.
Your rocker was likely hand made by a local craftsman.
  • Boston rocker
  • Windsor style
  • Hitchcock style