What’s it worth? Appraisal for antique buckboard wagon

Dear Auctionwally,

I have owned  this antique buckboard for over 50 years (see attached).  It has always been kept indoors and is in excellent original condition.  I used to drive it (with my horse) and I do have the shafts. I would be very interested in know more about it, how old it is, and what it is worth.

Many thanks,


antique buckboard wagon

AW says: This is a fantastic piece of Americana! It’s cira mid to late 19th century and looks to have the original old red paint. I sold several of these in October of 2008, at the Dunklee dairy farm auction.

These were a must for any family and your’s is a two seater, kind of the  equivalent of a station wagon. Because these were so well used, there are not many of them around in very good condition, so your’s gets points for that.


Retail value: $2,500

Wholesale $1,500-$1,800

Quick sale $900