What’s it worth? Appraisal for a Flexy Racer #300

Gary says:

Hi Walt!

  I have a Flexy Racer in need of cleaning and some minor
repair. It rides well and all the wheel bearings are packed well.  The decal
is obliterated but I understand these can be purchased if someone wanted to
take the time to fully restore it.  What’s it worth as is and what about
after a complete restoration?



flexy racer #300underside of flexy racerflexy racer vintage toy

AW says: This is one of those unique items that seems to be worth a lot more than it actually sells for. This 1938-39 toy was no doubt the envy of many kids at the time, but for some reason does not seem to enjoy the financial status it’s comrades are able to achieve at auction.

Records I’ve found show this selling most often in the $25 to $50 range. But those were without the origninal lable. I would expect that one with the lable would bring closer to retail $. 


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