Whats it worth – Appraisal 1933 Lane Cedar Chest


  I purchased this Lane cedar chest from a woman who was moving several years ago.  Her aunt passed away and her uncle sent it to her from NY state. When I saw it, I fell in love with it.  After some research I found that by reading the serial number backwards you get the year it was made I believe this was made in 1933. 

The inside of the chest has the original paperwork and the chest itself is in great condition.  I can’t find any that look anything like this or any information about it, I am very curious what is the design on the front?  The serial number is 333260 and the style number is 48391x 

Thank you!

lane cedar chest

AW says: That’s a very nice Lane European style cedar chest. It has a finish of Walnut veneer and applied carvings. These were a must for newly married couples, and would often sit at the end of beds as a blanket chest. They would sometimes later be put into attics and basements as people redecorated.

Your’s appears to be in very good condition, surface scratches can be hidden with Old English scratch cover and to bring the great scent back, all one needs to do, is rub the inside lightly with sandpaper a few times. 

NEVER paint a piece made of cedar. It will blister and crack. 


  • Retail value: $225
  • Wholesale value: $75-$95 (because there are so many of them still around, the wholesale value is low)
  • Quick sale value: $50




  • Lane 
  • Cedar Chest
  • Walnut
  • Coat of Arms
  • 1930s