What’s it worth? Antique Domestic sewing machine appraisal

Carl asks:

Hello again!

This is a sewing machine my mom had for years.  It served many of those years as a TV stand:)  The belt is still good and the sewing machine operates when you press the foot pedal.



antique sewing machineantique sewing machine oak cabinet

AW says: The cabinet is made of tige oak, and often the machines are pulled from these because they are beautifully crafted. Many people will turn them into tables, or even TV stands ;)

These old sewing machines are not very rare because so many of them survived. Hence they are not very valuable either, except for the extremely rare or earliest models, of which your’s is not. 

Circa turn of the 20th century.

Retail value: $175

Wholesale value: $75-$95

Quick sale: $45

Keywords: sewing machine, treadle machine, tiger oak cabinet