What it worth? Dirilyte flatware appraisal

Dirilyte flatware

Phil asks:


Dear Wally, I am interested in selling this flatware set so I am submitting a description and three photos for your appraisal.


DIRILYTE (golden) flatware:

Service of 12, initial “M”, plus additional pieces:

Knives 12

Forks 12

Teaspoons 12

Dessert forks 12

Dessert spoons 12

Butter spreaders 11

Canape or oyster forks 12

Sugar spoon 1

Lg. serving fork 1

Serving spoons 2

Butter knife 1

Carving knife & fork set 1

Gravy ladle 1

Wally, I am planning to include the case shown in the photos (recently purchased), but will not include it if it really does not change the value of the set.
Also, I attempted to take a close-up photo of the initial “M” but I could not get a clear image on my digital camera.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance!


AW says: That’s a sizable set which is good, that’s one thing I like about it, the fact that it has the serving pieces is a plus. I think having the case with it will help it out, especially if you sell it on eBay, see why in the selling tips.

One of the things that is a minus on this set is that it’s monogrammed, which tends to slow down the sale of such items. It’s manufactured by the Dirigold co.
Date range:

Retail value: $125-$150

Wholesale value: $75
(The midrange price you could expect to achieve at a well advertised live auction. The price that is most often realized)

Quick sale value: $50
The price your likely to get if you have to sell your item immediately and your prospective customer is aware of this.

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Common trade terminology: Dirilyte Flatware, gold tone flatware, bronze flatware.

Here are my Selling tips:¬†After conducting your Dirilyte flatware appraisal. If your considering selling this on eBay, I’d sell it with the box because it takes a great picture with the box. You may want to consider taking some pictures of it against a purple or blue background which looks great against gold.

In most cases, I believe it would be beneficial for your to give the prospective buyer a link to this page.

Care and storage tips: This actually has the same color all the way through and is not a “plated” flatware. The company is still in business and makes a special polish for their flatware.

One thought on “What it worth? Dirilyte flatware appraisal

  1. JANIE

    Since the mark is Dirilyte, this set could be as old as 1936 or as recent as 1986. Those are the years that the company used the name Dirilyte. Previous to 1936 the name was Dirigold. The company is now called The Dirilyte Line and is located in Warsaw, IN. They ceased production of flatware in 1986. If the storage box that was purchased is the type normally used for storing silver, it would not be suitable for Dirilyte. Silver storage boxes have a treated anti-tarnish fabric that actually speeds up tarnish on Dirigold/Dirilyte. A better storage choice would be either the original Dirilyte box, if available, or untreated flannel with separate pockets for each piece. They can be rolled up and tied for storing. Many ppl make their own. For polishing this flatware, order the Dirilyte polish from the company or buy Maas polish. I’ve been using the Maas on my Dirigold and Dirilyte items with excellent results, but have recently ordered the Dirilyte polish because someone suggested that I try it – and I’m curious to make a comparison btwn the two.

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