Antique Oak Commode Chest

Antique Oak Commode Chest

Antique oak commode chest

Antique oak commode chests like this were a staple in American homes. They were mainly found in hallways, but sometimes bedrooms. The door on the right was to hold a chamber pot, thus the nickname commode.

The one pictured above, is from the turn of the 20th century, and is made with solid oak. This example is in excellent condition with no breaks or major damage.

The design is made by a process called spoon carving, a process where a scoop type chisel was used to carve out a pattern.

These chests are still useful today because of there small size, attractive look and no-nonsense storage ability. These, like many other pieces of antique oak furniture, have dropped in price quite a bit. This is due to several factors, the biggest being the trend towards mid-century style furniture.

Retail value: $195

Wholesale value: $75

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Antique Green Man Chair

Antique Green Man Chair

Deanna asks:

I just bought this from a local “junk” store. I saw one like it in rocking chair form that the seller was asking 1600 dollars.  Excited to hear what you have to say!!


greenman chair stretcher

Antique green man chair







AW says,

This is an antique green man chair.

It’s tough to say why the similar chair is $1,600 since I don’t have a picture of that one to compare your’s to. That one could be an earlier chair than the one you have. However, since it’s a rocker,  I doubt that it’s old enough to  deserve that kind of a price tag.  It could just be over-priced.

Your chair is circa turn of the 20th century. It chair  appears to be made of Mahogany.  The back has a hand carved splat of a mythical figure called  the Greenman. The Greenman is on gates, concrete walls and fountains of older European homes. The legs and stretchers are sausage style turned.

The saw cut edges and lines of this chair show that it was made after the industrial revolution.  The Greenman motif is a medieval period entity. He made a comeback in the  Victorian era.

Retail value: $375

Wholesale: $150

Victorian Bedroom Suite

Trina asks:

Please appraise this Victorian bedroom suite.

victorian bedroom suite victorian chest of drawers








Victorian Bedroom Suite

AW says: This is a circe late 1800s bedroom suite. The wood used looks to be black walnut veneer.  This ornate set was a pricey combo in it’s day. The black walnut veneer was used to enhance aesthetics as was the rose or plum marble top. These Victorian Suites were very popular up until the mid 1990s, and then fell out of favor a bit.

The mirror has it’s original beveled glass and the chest of drawers looks to have all of it’s original pulls.

The bed, no doubt is a 3/4 size as most beds of this era were and that hurts value a bit.

Retail value for the set: $550

Wholesale Value: $250


  • Gothic
  • Victorian
  • chest of drawers
  • dresser
  • 3/4 size bed