What’s it worth? Appraisal of Antonius Stradivarius copy violin

Donald asks:

The subject item is in fair condition.
Printed in black ink on the inside bottom of the item is the following:
    First line: Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis
    Second line: Faciebat Anno 17 34
    Third line: A double circle within which is the letter T, and underneath this letter, the letters AS.
Thank you.

Antonius Stradivariusback of Antonius Stradivarius violin

AW says: What you have is a copy of a violin by Antonius Stradivari who most people misrepresent as A. Stradivarius. This is one of the most copied if not THE most copied musical instrument in the world.
Although your’s is a nice antique violin, it does not have the detailed workmanship an original would have.

The back is a flamed maple and very nice, and you’re correct, it would be considered to be in fair condition.

Circa late 1800s

Retail value: $175

Wholesale:  $95

Quick sale: $45

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