Vintage Mid-Century Murano Glass Chandelier 

murano glass chandelier
sputnik style murano glass chandelier

Vintage Mid-Century Murano Glass Chandelier

Amber says:

Here is another Murano glass chandelier I’d like you to appraise. The glass rods are thicker than the ones on the chandelier I previously submitted. There are 8 bulbs.

AW says:

This lighting piece is obviously made by the same designer, and although at this time we don’t know who  that is, here are a few things we can know.

While it’s a beautiful vintage mid-century murano glass chandelier, it’s nowhere near as grand as the one I appraised for you prior.  This one is in the mid-century style, but  it does not really have enough going on to appeal to the sputnik purists who favor longer appendages which will throw a much different light.

One factor in it’s favor is although it’s lower priced, it should be easier to display, pack and therefore possibly sell. This means it could quite possibly be an easy sell in the wholesale range as dealers like things that are easy to mount, dis-mount, ship and deliver.

Another nice thing here is that you have a pair of these and if you find the right designer or homeowner,  selling them as a package could be beneficial.

Circa 1969-1975
Retail value: $1,500
Wholesale value: $750
glass rods
murano glass