Vintage Ceramic Horse Figurine

Vintage Ceramic Horse Figurine
Vintage Ceramic Horse Figurine  Vintage Ceramic Horse Figurine
Vintage Ceramic Horse Figurine

Margaret says:

This little horse was purchased by me in the early ’50’s at a thrift store for 25 cents (all of my allowance at the time.)
  I know it is not valuable, but I have been so curious for years to find any information as to how and when it might have been made.
The glaze is a very deep green, there are no mold marks, and the unglazed  bottom of the feet looks like stoneware perhaps.  It has been one of my life long treasures, so any information you might have would certainly be appreciated.
Thank you,  Margaret
AW says: Actually, this is a fairly rare piece of vintage ceramic ware. It likely had a paper label glued to it somewhere and got peeled away.
This could have been manufactured by a number of makers. The most likely suspects here are Haegar or Frankoma pottery.
There is also the possibility that this was made in Japan, but the price of 25 cents at the time would have been high for a MIJ piece. We’d expect to see something closer to 10 cents if that were the case.
The material is definitely ceramic, and it was cast in a mold, although the thick glaze probably makes the mold marks invisible.
Although, for the life of me, I could find no exact examples of this piece, it is most likely made by a US co. The dark color is indicative of this at the time period this was made.
The piece is probably late 1940s, and has an art deco revival feel to it.
It’s wonderful that such a simple treasure brought you so much pleasure throughout the years!
Wholesale: $10