Antique Green Man Chair

Antique Green Man Chair

Deanna asks:

I just bought this from a local “junk” store. I saw one like it in rocking chair form that the seller was asking 1600 dollars.  Excited to hear what you have to say!!


greenman chair stretcher

Antique green man chair







AW says,

This is an antique green man chair.

It’s tough to say why the similar chair is $1,600 since I don’t have a picture of that one to compare your’s to. That one could be an earlier chair than the one you have. However, since it’s a rocker,  I doubt that it’s old enough to  deserve that kind of a price tag.  It could just be over-priced.

Your chair is circa turn of the 20th century. It chair  appears to be made of Mahogany.  The back has a hand carved splat of a mythical figure called  the Greenman. The Greenman is on gates, concrete walls and fountains of older European homes. The legs and stretchers are sausage style turned.

The saw cut edges and lines of this chair show that it was made after the industrial revolution.  The Greenman motif is a medieval period entity. He made a comeback in the  Victorian era.

Retail value: $375

Wholesale: $150

Antique Boston Rocker

Antique Boston Rocker

Boston Rocker Online Appraisal

Elizabeth asks,

Before I have this chair repaired, I want to know if it is an authentic Boston Rocker. Is it? Thank You.

AW says: Yes it is. Your chair is circa 1830-75 and is hand made. Although technically, it may be post Industrial Revolution.

Judging by the pictures you’ve sent, it appears that it was made without any power assisted tools.

Many of these actually came from Connecticut. It has a solid plank seat chair, most likely of pine, and the rest of the chair would probably be oak.

Retail value: $200

Wholesale: $75

Learn more about Boston Rockers at American Heritage


Roche Bobois Leather Furniture Insurance Appraisal

Roche Bobois sofa
This sofa represents the color and style of the actual set the client is making a claim on.

Walt Kolenda Certified Appraiser

Roche Bobois leather living room set
This is a sample set, representing the client’s loss.
Roche Bobois Leather Furniture Insurance Appraisal
Damage to the clients sofa

Roche Bobois Leather Furniture Insurance Appraisal

Melanie asks:
  The specific info I have is as follows
  •           Matching set (3 seat Sofa,  2 arm chairs, and one ottoman
  •           Color: Dark Green
  •           Fabric:  Leather, foam, wood construction.
  •           Designer: Roche Bobois, French
  •           Origin: France
  •           Date: Circa 1980
Sofa Dimensions:  approx 90″ Wide  X Depth 38″  X Height 40″
Club chairs  (same color, construction, same height and depth.
Ottoman:  matching color, construction,  square
I am looking for an appraisal of this furniture in good condition for an insurance claim.
Please write me if you have any questions.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
AW says: The Roche Bobois company is well known for it’s high quality furniture. Among it’s lines, the leather furniture is very sought after, even on the used market.
This appraisal is for the replacement cost of the set as was represented to me, in good used condition. There is value added to this set, due to the fact that it is a set, as opposed to units that were pieced together. Sets are obviously harder to replace.
Retail value: $7,500