What’s it worth? Appraisal for Korean dressers

Michael asks: How much are my dressers worth? They are described as follows:

These are a matching pair of
Korean styled dressers standing at little more than 4 feet tall.
They are both in excellent condition with no scratches or chips.

AW says: Those are lacquer finish cabinets or cupboards. I wouldn’t say they are dressers since they have glass doors. They are made of Elm and the hardware and patina tells me they are circa 1940-1965.

  • Retail value for the pair: $975-$1,175
  • Wholesale: $375-$525


  • Glass door cupboards
  • class cabinets with drawers
  • Korean elm

On eBay – Milifiori art glass – Native American Indian Cyclops fetish – more

I’ve got a pretty nice round of antique items up on eBay this week. Some of the highlights are a 12” Milifiori art glass bottle.

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 milifiore milifiori art glass bottle

A Loose-Wiles biscuit tin that is the first edition also marketed under the “Sunshine” brand. It depicts the White House with 8 Presidential vingnettes on the octagonal panels. Not too bad in it’s own right.


loose wiles whitehouse tin

I wish it did’t have marks on the cover, but the structural integrity and paint job are in excellent condition, so  there’s hope.


I think my strong suit in this round of auctions are two coffers, or humidors, caskets or boxes or whatever other keyword rich phrase I can think of by which to mention them.  Yeah, I’m hoping these will fly, I really like them.

One is a gray pewter box with Germanic type floral work.

 antique pewter box coffer casket

The next has a Knights of Templar theme, even a motto on the inner underside of the lid, presented in two languages including English. See the auction to find out what the other is. This one is a humidor as we can tell by it’s inner lining. It’s made by Iron Art co.

 Knights of templar iron art box

Actually, now that I think about it, by far the most valuable lot should be this early Native American primitive stone fetish. It’s 2 & 3/4” tall and I consider it to be self-authenticating. Full details are in the eBay description.

native american primitive cyclops  fetish

There are other items listed, a lot of 3 field hockey sticks sold for me in a few days at $48 which included free shipping. I sent that off as a fixed price item for $55 and ended up taking $48 after getting 2 offers of $40

They were all used but in good condition, the best was a Gray’s composite.

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April 2nd Auction, Salem MA 1st ed books art glass jewelry

This weeks discovery auction has an excellent selection of lots! If you sell online or off, this is a great auction for you.

This auction will feature some important 1st edition books, lots of collectible paper and ephemera, a great selection of hand blown marbles and art glass by a local artist, jewelry antiques and much more.

sterling silver jewelry

Lots of sterling and other jewelry

antique fashion print

Super antique fashion catelog with many colored Victorian prints.

25 large hand blown marbles from local glass blower

1st ed. Civil War Book