How much is this Occupied Japan dinner set worth?


I went to your website and purchased an appraisal.    Attached is a photo of the china set I’d like appraised.   It was my parents’ formal dinner service, purchased in the late ’40s.   There are 12 place settings of the standard pieces.   On the pack of each piece, it is marked “Made in Occupied Japan”.


AW says: That’s a beautiful set Dan. As you may know, at the end of WWII  until 1952, Japan was occupied by the US and it’s allied forces.  During this time, anything manufactured for export would likely be stamped: “Made in Occupied Japan” Dinner sets and pieces are fairly common, and among the most sought after pieces are figurines and novelty items. That said, a dinner service for twelve is a fine thing to have. 

The paint around the edges is often referred to as “gold gilt” and the set is very likely to be hand painted.

Retail price for the set: $350-$425 (Getting a good retail price these days can be difficult for a large china set, and many times people piece out sets and sell the individual pieces on eBay to achieve a better total)

Wholesale: $95 – $150


  • Occupied Japan
  • Dinner service
  • hand painted china