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One of the busiest posts I’ve written on here on What’s it Worth?, was the one I did on old newspapers.

The amount of people seeking information on vintage & antique newspapers just blew me away. It seems everyone has an old copy of issues that feature the death of Elvis, John F. Kennedy and John Lennon! 

Many other people email me every week requesting information on the value of issues that feature events from WWI & II, and some have rare early issues that depict things like the sinking of the Titanic, front pages with photos of Babe Ruth and more.

With so much interest in finding the value of old newspapers, I figured it was time to post a price guide with guidelines and tips as to what is and what is not valuable in collectible newspapers. Just as important is HOW TO SELL a rare newspaper if you do have one. 

So, for only $1.99 you can see prices and more importantly, reasons and guidelines that tell you what is and what is not valuable in the world of collectible newspapers. 

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Continually Updated!

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