How much is this antique stained glass window worth?

Kevin asks:

I found this old stained glass window in my father’s basement and I think its the original window that was in the bathroom in the house in NJ where I grew up. The bathroom was redone sometime in the late sixties or early seventies, but I think the house was built sometime in the 1920’s.
There is no visible damage and it looks in great condition although the frame does have several layers of paint. Each pane of glass measures 18” x 27.5”.
I may decide to keep it as I have several places in my house where it would look very nice, but I’m curious as to what the monetary value would be should I decide to sell it.

AW says:

That’s a great window Kevin. It’s really of no concern that the frame has been painted several times. What is important is that the glass work is in good condition.

The window is circa 1910-25. The work qaulity and balance of the piece is excellent and the fact that you have both panels. Many times you’ll find that folks only have 1/2 of these stained glass windows. These were very popular in for use in “Painted Ladies” which is a term of affection for those large beautiful American houses popular from 1880-1920

Stained glass is a classic so as long as you keep it in good condition, it should appreciate in value.

Here’s a tip for dealing with any antique that has a large surface area of glass: Take some masking tape, and make a large “X” on either side of the window while you’re working on it. This is a good strengthening technique and has prevented many antique pieces from shattering.

Retail value $600

Wholesale value $250

Quick Sale value $150

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