How much is my bronze urn worth?

Barry says:

I was told this urn is bronze and that it was
imported from France.  It was purchased from Sandra or Susan (not sure)
F. in Sandestin, FL.  Told it reailed for $5,000. The only marking
on it looks like an S– (see image 5627).  It weighs almost 16 pounds.
 It stands 16 inches tall. Its base is 6 inches in diameter. Lion heads
on both sides.  The lid is removable. Please let me know if you have
further questions.  Thanks!

Hello Barry,

Bronze does appear to be one made by a French animalier aka an artist
known for sculpting animals. It’s very likely a funeral urn for a wealthy person. As far as it being bronze or not, it’s tough to
say without seeing a picture of the bottom. If you could send one along
that would be great.  However, it certainly LOOKS to be bronze. Take a
magnet to it, this won’t tell you for sure that it IS bronze, but if the
magnet sticks, it cannot be bronze.

Circa 19th century, we know this by the handles on the the
Lion’s mouth and the styling, and by the simple fact, that this is the
period when most of these were created.

Retail value:
$2,200 – $3,500 – We have a wide range here because there is such
speculation on market value with investment quality antiques right now.
The “S” mark means little as it could be a partial mark of which the
rest is worn away. There were many bronze artists so without more to go
on, the work will have to stand on it’s own merit rather than on artist

Wholesale would of course be less, and determine on speculation of profit margin by the interested party.


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