What’s it Worth? Appraisal of Kidney shaped back settee


Alicia asks: Here is the 3rd item I would like to have appraised

AW says: As mentioned before this is in the same general age range as the previous two items you’ve sent to have me appraise. This most likely is a little bit later than the other two pieces from the styling and the thinner frame.

I don’t know who has reupholstered your furniture, but they’ve done a wonderful job! 
Date range: 1890-1910
(top price)


Retail value:

Wholesale value: $250-$300
(The mid range price you could expect to achieve at a well advertised live auction. The price that is most often realized)

Quick sale value: $175-$200
The price your likely to get if you have to sell your item immediately and your prospective customer is aware of this.

Common terminology, nicknames, keywords: settee walnut furniture loveseat kidney shape parlor furniture.

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Care and storage tips: Even though many of these old Victorian pieces are on casters, never drag them across the floor if you can help it. Many a time the caster has gotten caught in a crack and a leg will get ripped off or damaged.

What’s it worth? Appraisal of Schmid 2 story dome clock

Steve asks:

The clock has Dresden figurines on top, a cello player, a pianist, and a piano with a flutist attached.  Below that is the clock, and below that are two Dresden ballerinas that rotate when the clock is wound. 

I cannot read the words below the hands (the left part is rubbed off and the 2nd part is “jewelers”).  The clock is in excellent condition and when it was bought 5 years ago the antique clock dealer said it was a true antique (he was a reputable antique clock dealer).  I do not know how to contact him as we have since moved.   

I cannot read the signature above the hands.  It is about 18” high, 9” wide, and 6” deep.  The two glass pieces are removable and the red fabric appears to be velvet.  The clock is in excellent condition and works.

Thank you.  Please email me if you have any questions.  I look forward to receiving your appraisal.

Thank you.



schmid double dome clockface of post 1950s schmid clock

AW says:  This is a Schmid two story dome clock. Schmid made novelty clocks and their golden period for those was right in the era your’s is in: (Post 1950)

It’s an excellent example of Schmid’s ingenuity, sense of proportion and expression to stetch limits. Most likely what the antiques dealer meant was that you had genuine item, rather than a real antique, technically an antique has to be 100 years old.

Often knowing dealers concede the case and use the term “antique” generically and out of habit rather than deceit. No matter here, you have a fine clock, and one which is very rare and among it’s peers it will bring the the higher end of the money scale for like items, if not antique clock prices.

It is a 17 jewel clock, the 1 is what is rubbed away in the circle area you’ve mentioned.

Retail value: $750-$1000

Wholesale: $350-$500

Quick sale: $200

Keywords: Schmid dome clock, dresden china, 2 story dome clock, novelty, ballerina

What’s it worth? Appraisal for antique carved buffalo

carved rosewood statuecarved buffalocarved japanese buffalo
Roy asks:
 I can tell you that this is made of solid rosewood. One of the ears was repaired at one time and the glue dried and it fell off. I have the ear, but I’d rather see a professional do the repair. There is another repair that can be noted on the front right shoulder, again not well done but the piece is intact and a professional could restore it well. There is a crack up the back that basically comes from expansion and contraction of the wood over time due to humidity and temperature changes (my best guess from being a carpenter).
The statue itself weighs 7 pounds and measures 14” long, 6” deep, and 7 1/2 inches high.
The base weighs 2 pounds and measures 16” long, 9” deep, and 1 3/8” high.
There is an old paper label on the bottom that is visible in the pictures. I have no idea what language the writing is in.
If I’ve missed anything or the pictures don’t come through again, please let me know.

AW says:  Hello Roy, what you have is a nice antique Japanese rosewood hand carved buffalo statue. Judging from the patina, the age cracks, the wear and paper lable on the bottom it looks to be circa late 1800s, to early 1900s. 

The fact that it has it’s own custom made base indicates good quality.

It’s very likely an import piece, made for a Western market.

The damage on this is pretty significant, I’m afraid to say. The ear isn’t so bad, but that split in the back is going to take off a lot of value.

It’s still a wonderful piece and well worth having, but it’s not at the top of the price scale for this type of work due to the damage. The appraisal reflects the condition it’s in now. In my opininion, having the ear professionally restored will add 20-30% to the values below.

Retail: $125

Wholesale $75

Quick Sale $45