Karl Sterrer Plaques

Karl Sterrer Plaques

Karl Sterrer Polychrome Sculpture Pair Value

This appraisal is for a beautiful pair of Karl Sterrer plaques. Sterrer was an Austrian artist. He lived from 1844 to 1919.  The plaques measure 24″ x 12″ unframed.  They measure 34″ x 23″ in the frames.

These are dated 1892.  The allegorical motif features a sculptor and his muse. Thus, it’s possible that this is a self portrait.

Careful framing is critical with art like this, therefore value is added for the skillful framing. The frames are made of  gold gilt gesso over wood.

Sometimes you’ll find these plaques painted over in gold. There’s less value in those due to lost their eye appeal.

These Sterrer plaques work well with mid-century decorating options.

Retail value: $900

Wholesale value $400

Antique Photograph Album

Antique Photo Album

Antique Photo Album

The antique photograph album has 150  pictures in it.  Seventy of them are tintypes and the remainder are cabinet card photos. The people in the pictures are mostly local to Gloucester, MA. Below many of the photos

There are no known major historic personalities. Nor are there any “occupational” or sporting photographs which would add value to the album.

Each photo or tintype is approximately 2″x4″ and in good condition.

There are always variables when conducting an appraisal on items that contain many pieces and this photo album is a perfect example. For example, extensive research could reveal one of the photos to be of a historically important person. Barring that, here are my values.

Retail value: $225

Wholesale value:$150

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Vintage Lighted Barber Shop Pole

Vintage Lighted Barber Shop Pole

Vintage Lighted Barber shop Pole

This vintage lighted barber shop pole is the epitome of a good collectible. The demand for pieces like this are very strong. It’s in excellent condition, has great graphics and is the epitome of Americana. It’s approximately 24″ tall and 8″ in diameter.

The colors on the barber shop pole represents red and blue blood. This come from a time when barbers were often surgeons as well as hair cut givers!

The appraisal of this item considers the fact that it has cross interest demand. There are collectors that collect everything to do with barbershops. Decorators will love this for it’s colorful graphics. Anique enthusiasts will appreciate it’s romanticism of yesteryear.

Barbers still use them, and signs are expensive.

Circa mid to later 20th century.

Retail value: $350

Wholesale: $200

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