Indonesian Architectural Pane Appraisal

Indonesian Architectural Pane Appraisal

Indonesian Architectural Pane Appraisal

Natalie asks:

Greetings Mr. Kolenda,

 I am seeking an appraisal and have attached 10 photographs of the subject.  Should you need my PayPal receipt number, please let me know.

Description: Indonesian, open-carved, triangular, architectural pane Lightweight wood (13 pounds) Gold, black, & red paint (mostly worn away) Glass/mirror inlay (thin & cracked) Height = 40.75 inches Thickness = 1 inch Length = 51.25 inches

Early 19th century, maybe earlier?

It is pieced together and attached to a thin wood frame for support. Some of the pieces are stapled on the back to keep them together.

I am interested in selling this item and would like to know which auction sites you recommend (any other than ebay)? Also,  what  animal is carved in this piece?

Best regards,



AW says: Hello Natalie – This is certainly an interesting panel.  I believe it is a 19th century piece. The carving and the style would indicate such.

The animal on the lower left of the panel is I believe is and Old World Monkey  Cercopithecidae

The reason I think this is because of the poise on the bottom of the feet, and a monkey will often turn his head fully around to look behind it. And because this animal is indigenous to Indonesia.

The panel is beautiful and a nicely carved example of Indonesian art work. The challenges in selling it will lie in transport as it’s a delicate piece, and placing it in the right market. It’s large and very unusual, so your target market is more limited than say, an antique table.

I cannot recommend a specific auction, because auctions change their offerings with each sale. But if you search and enter the keywords: Indonesian art, decorative panel, architectural antiques, etc.  you’ll find auction houses that sell like items and I’d contact them.

Another idea, I’ve been having good luck with is Facebook Market Place. You may just find a local decorator that is interested in the piece. Good Luck!

Retail value: $750 (It would be higher if it were in better condition. Glass etc)

Wholesale: $300

Indonesian Architectural Pane Appraisal