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Purchase Your Guaranteed Online Antique Appraisal

Getting a professional antique appraisal couldn’t be any faster or easier! After you make your purchase, just email pics and whatever info you have about your item to and your Guaranteed Appraisal, will be on the way.

It’ll be ready in 48 hrs!

All appraisals are guaranteed and ready in 48 hours or less!

  • 1 Online Appraisal $29.95
  • 3 Online Appraisals $74.95
  • 5 Online Appraisals $124.95
  • NEW! 24 hr. Rush Appraisal $34.95

In-person appraisal time: Up to 50 miles from 01930 – $95.00 per hour. Email me at for details on personal appraisal time.

I’ve held hundreds of live auctions, I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of items. I’ve been selling on eBay since March of 19.99 my eBay ID is Auctionwally.

My antiques appraisals are the best on the internet, period.

Here’s why:

  • I offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • Your appraisal will include two prices – a retail price and a wholesale price.
  • Your appraisal will include a list keywords in standard industry terminology, nicknames and slang when appropriate. In short, you’ll know what the professionals call your item and what words to use if you plan to sell it.
  • Your appraisal will be conducted by me personally, a professional auctioneer/antiques dealer/appraiser since 1979. Most likely I’ve sold something just like your item or even something exactly the same, more than a few times! I don’t just write about antiques, I sell them.
  • I’ll send your appraisal via email, and will keep a back up of it, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. It may even be posted online. (Unless you’ve requested a private appraisal)

If you can honestly find a better deal, please email me with the URL of my competition, I may want to start farming out some of my work to them!

All appraisals are ready in 48hrs or less!


Q How does your guarantee work?

A Simply email me with a refund request, and I’ll refund your money within 3 days.

Q How do I send pictures/info and what kind of pictures do I need to take?

A Send pictures and info to You’ll need a few simple, clear .jpg pics from different angels especially the underside of the item. If there is an exception and I need another picture or two, I will email you to tell you so. PLEASE SEND JPG formatted pic only.

Q How can you do this online, so fast and so inexpensive?

A Because of my years in the antiques/auction business, I’m able to reference my appraisals from experience to thoroughly evaluate your item accurately. To further save time I combine my years of knowledge with current online networking research software and contacts for an appraisal service that is #1 in quality and #1 in price. It short, it does involve a lot of work and effort, but most of that work and effort was already done over my many years in the business.

Q Do you provide live phone or chat assistance?

A Yes, email me with details at

Q Can I see any examples of your work?

A Sure, there are thousands of completed appraisals online at

Q Do you offer volume discounts for larger appraisal packages?

A Yes, email me, or use the form on my contact page.

Q Do you do in person appraisals, and appraisals of estate contents?

A Yes fill out the form here to learn more.

Q Can you appraise everything?

A No, but I can appraise almost any antique or collectible, some things may take longer than others. If I can’t give you a quality appraisal, I’ll refund your money.

Q What do you consider one item?

A Any single antique, collectible item or set. An example of a set would be, a set of china, a set of chairs. A ‘lot’ would be different, a lot of coins for example, of which you wanted individual appraisals for each coin would count as separate appraisals.

Q Can you appraise items from other countries?

A Yes, but your item’s appraised worth will be reflected in US Dollars.

Q Do you purchase any of the items you appraise?

A No. It’s not ethical of any professional appraiser to make an offer on items they have appraised or intend to appraise.

Q I’m convinced, what do I do?

A Just purchase your appraisal(s) using the orange Buy Now button then email pictures and info to Your appraisal will be ready in 48 hours or less!

All appraisals are guaranteed and ready in 48 hours or less!

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