Williamsburg Chandelier

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Williamsburg Chandelier

Barbara says: Hello
I have a 15 light solid Brass Williamsburg chandelier.
It is in excellent condition, like new no marks or discoloration and all lights work. Although I see I have a bulb out!
It was in the home when we purchased it. The home was built in the 80’s.
Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide. I do not see any obvious markings on it.

AW says:

This is a Williamsburg colonial revival brass chandelier. It’s a solid brass, and very good quality dual tier chandelier. Generally speaking, the more arms a chandelier has, the more valuable it is. The adornments on the arms serve two purposes, first they add elegance and flair, second, they serve as bracketing for much needed support.

Retail value: $1,800

Wholesale: $600 (There’s more sizable gap between wholesale and retail prices for chandeliers because they can take awhile to sell because they are not something an average home can use.)