Early German Beer Stein Appraisal

Early German Beer Stein Appraisal

Lou says:

Good Morning Wally,

Please take a look at the attached pictures (multiple emails due to Gmail size limit), and send me your appraisal.  I’ve never seen a stein quite like this before, and I’ve not been able to find another one like it anywhere online.  From the Ebay description where I purchased it, along with my own limited research, it appears to be a Waldenburg era stein from the 16th or 17th century.  I don’t see any markings on the bottom or behind the handle which hopefully is an accurate indication of its age.  Thanks for your assistance!

AW says: Hi Lou,

My research tells me that this is a late 18th to early 19th century Stein. The reason I say this is that the style and the mechanics pewter lid are more sophisticated than a 17th century or earlier stein. It’s too refined and embellished to be earlier.
Without marks it’s impossible to say for sure the exact geo-location of manufacture. To me it sure looks like an early German Bellarmine stoneware stein. The incising on the handle and relief figures lead me to believe this. (So named for Robert Bellarmine a(1542–1621), a Cardinal and saint of the Catholic Church)
It’s a fine one at that! The condition is excellent, with no visible damage.
Retail value: $1,200
Wholesale: $700