Crystal Chandelier Appraisal Hand Painted Glass Arms

Crystal Chandelier Appraisal Hand Painted Glass ArmsCrystal Chandelier Appraisal Hand Painted Glass Arms
Daron asks: How much is my chandelier worth?

It came with the house. It was put up out of the way for storage I guess. The previous owner of the house said it was there when he moved in. There is a handwritten tag saying $1500 but I have no idea who wrote it and how long ago it was written. It’s 32″ across approximately.

AW says: That’s a gorgeous and intricate chandelier. I’ve appraised quite a few chandeliers here, and this one has more pieces than most! That counts when it comes to value.

The crystals are likely from Czechoslovakia or Austria and could all be hand cut. One of the unusual things about your chandelier is that it has hand-painted Bobeches, (this is the little rim that would collect the candle drips if this were to hold real candles. )

The fact that it has glass arms is a plus and a minus. If you try to ship it, you’ll find out why I say it’s a minus.  When it’s fully lit, you’ll see why it’s a plus. This will throw light like a diamond when it’s lit!

Retail value: $2,200

Wholesale value: $1,500