What Are Antique Mahjong Tiles Worth?

What Are Antique Mahjong Tiles Worth?

What are antique Mahjong tiles worth?bakelite mahjong tiles
lucky 3 mahjong tile

AW Says: Mahjong is an ancient Chinese gambling game that is still played today. The tiles depending on the composition, age, characters and numbers can be very collectible.

The photographs above depict some of the most popular bakelite Oxblood & Butterscotch tiles.

People collect Mahjong tiles for many different reasons. Some believe that there are certain numbers which contain the power of good luck, such as the number 3 tile shown above.

Collectors of antique bakelite, will make jewelry out of pieces with interesting characters, others look to put together full sets, or runs.

The tiles above are circa 1920s

Retail value for 98 tile collection: $500

Wholesale value: $275