Appraisal for 20th Century Crystal Chandelier

Marie asks:

Hello, I would like to get an appraisal on the following dining room chandelier and entryway chandelier. Not sure when purchased but probably in early 2000s. Part of a historic Victorian home, that when through major renovation in 2002.

AW says: (Be assured that I received and studied the pictures you’ve sent, but right now the software I’m using will not allow me upload them. I’ll get them up later.)

This is a beautiful Chandelier which features cut crystal ball prisms.

Traditionally, the quality & amount of crystals are directly related to value, as is the size of the chandelier.

This is a late 20th century lighting fixture and most likely assembled in the US with Czech or Austrian prism balls.

Retail value: 3,750

Wholesale value: 1,750