Appraisal of Antique Hoosier Cabinet

appraisal of Antique Hoosier Cabinetappraisal of Antique Hoosier Cabinet
Emily asks:

Hello,I’m looking to get a Hoosier appraised. I received this furniture from my grandmother and I want to pay her a fair price for it. It is a little dinged up, and the roller panel doesn’t roll anymore, but it is still functional for storage.
I have lots of photos and can send more if need be.

Thank you,


AW says: That’s a nice standard Hoosier Cabinet. It looks to be made of pine and in pretty good condition.

An important factor on these is the enamel coated, ┬ámetal counter top. Yours’ is in nice condition, and that’s great for re-sale.

However, like many pieces of antique furniture prices have come down a lot over the years, rather than going up.

Retail value: $450

Wholesale: $200

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