1963 Better Living Encyclopedia Appraisal

Better Living Encyclopedia 1963
‘Better Living Encyclopedia.’
Numerous alphabetically-ordered contributors listed as co-authors on the book’s title page, first three are W. Berry, WC Dilger, and JR Dugan.
Quoting from the introductory pages, this book was ‘published exclusively for the Homemakers’ Library League, Inc. by special arrangement with Home Library Press, New York, NY. 
Copyright 1963 by Home Library Press, Library of congress Catalog Card No. 63-8113.  Printed by American Book-Stratford Press Inc.

Not sure when or where my grandmother acquired this book, but I first recall seeing it in her home library in the late 1970’s.  Don’t know if it was originally sold with a dust jacket.

No marks on any pages, with corners and page edges still crisp.  Color plates still present throughout book, undamaged.  There are some very small discolorations on the back cover, but they’re too faint for me to capture with the camera on my cell phone.  Some fading has occurred at the top and bottom edges of the book spine.  Binding has come lose between the spine and interior pages, but no visible rips….not an expert, but I think this could be easily repaired.
There’s a HUGE range in the dollar amount on-line sellers are asking for copies of this book.  For example, Amazon.com displayed 11 results when I searched for ‘better living encyclopedia 1963,’ listed for as little as $10.00, and as high as $500.00.  Last month there was a copy being offered for $2500.00.
I’ve attached several photos of the book exterior and introductory pages.
AW says:
This is a neat book, but the prices you’ve found on Amazon are very out of line.
For example, as I’ve written this, there is a well advertised copy on eBay in excellent condition for &18.95 or best offer, and one on biblio.com for $11.45 in VG condition.
For some reason there is a group of sellers on Amazon that prices some of their products at ridiculously high amounts. What the reasoning behind this pricing is, is of much debate, but it’s a well-known phenomenon in the Amazon world.
As a certified appraiser, one of the first things I learned is: What is Fair Market Value or (FMV) Fair Market Value is the price a willing seller and a willing buyer agree to for an item without exceptional market conditions coming into play.  Is there grey area here? Yes, absolutely. This is why appraising is a combination of art & science.
I use two values with my appraisals here on Auctionwally.com Retail and Wholesale.  One may consider FMV compromise between the two.
For your book:
Wholesale: $15

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