Two Volume Set Les Miserables

Two Volume Set of Les Miserables

Jeannie asks:

What is my two volume set Les Miserables worth? 2  editions Les Miserable books in excellent condition published by Thomas Nelson Co.
all pages are in tact, no tears, rips or marks on any pages
I cannot find any date on the books
red cover is also in above average conditions

Two Volume Set Les Miserables Appraisal
A Two Volume Set circa 1910s

AW says: Two Volume Set Les Miserables Appraisal: That’s a very nice two volume set of Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables.  The beautifully impressed covers are excellent examples of art work of the Art Nouveau period in America.

It’s circa 1910s, thus, is quite a few editions after it’s original publication in 1862. While your two volume set is lovely and has some collectible value, it is not especially rare or valuable at this time.  From the pictures you’ve sent, I can see that the condition is excellent and that helps.

Retail value: $65 for the set.

Wholesale: $35

Victor Hugo’s (middle name Marie) is one of the and best known French authors.   Les Miserables (1862) & The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) are his most famous World-Wide works.

He is an artist, has 4000 plus drawings, and was quite a social activist.

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