Cathedral Plywood Kit

Amazing Cathedral from kit


 Cathedral Plywood Kit

Dell says:

I was told this was “Tramp Art“. Can you appraise it for me?   It is a very large very detailed piece. It is 4’ tall by about 30” wide wide.I can take more photos if that will help

AW says: The item which you’ve sent me pictures of is a wonderful model. But it’s not a piece of Tramp Art also sometimes called Folk Art, and even Prison Art, although your item (a Cathedral I think) was meant to look like these types of art.

What you have here is something that was built from a kit. The pieces are all pre-cut and machine made. A piece of Tramp Art would have more actual hand made work.

Tramp Art which was popular from the 1870s until the 1940s is named for the people who made it.  When Hobo and Tramps fashioned piece of art, sculptures out of whatever wood was available at the time. Often the pieces were elaborate, and can command a good price today.

The same is true for Folk Art and Prison art. Although Prison Art generally brings lower prices that the latter two types of sculptures.

Your piece is circa late 20th to 21st century. And as I said, made from a model kit. If you look close at the edges of the pieces, you’ll see they are multi-layered. Still, it’s an impressive piece, and does have some value,  but just not what a piece of Tramp Art would be valued at.

Retail value: $175

Wholesale value: $85

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