Antique Gold Gilt Mirror

Gary asks:

Hi Walt,
I’ve used you before and you are the best. I have an antique gold gilt  mirror that measures
33×26 with a 23″ round mirror surface.  The sticker on the back indicates it
was purchased from The White House Department Store – Picture Department in
San Francisco. This store was closed years ago and according to neighbors,
this store sold a lot of French decorum. Is this French Gilt wood?  Art
Nouveau frame? Thanks for all your help. Regards, Gary

Antique Gold gilt mirror
Round Gold Gilt Mirror circa 1950s
What's My Gold Gilt Mirror Worth?
Crest of Gold Gilt Mirror
gold gilt mirror
The lack of black toning tells us it’s circa 1950s and not earlier.
back of gold gilt mirror
the construction on the back also tells us it’s circa 1950s
Closeup of back construction

AW says, Hi Gary, thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you like my services!  The mirror you have is in the French style, and is a blend of periods: Art Nouveau, neo-classic etc. 

These gold gilt mirrors had a resurgence in the 40s-50s and that’s what yours is.

Retail value: $125-$150

Wholesale value $40-$65



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