Antique Picture Frame Appraisal

Vondel asks:

What is the value of my antique wooden frame?

gold gilt picture frame

Antique Picture Frame Appraisal

AW says:

Antique Picture Frame Appraisal

Your frame is not actually all wood. It’s a American Victorian era frame (circa 1870s-1910) made with a wood as a base, but the gold decoration,sometimes referred to as gold gilt, is actually made out of plaster or as it was called by frame makers, “gesso”.

One of the rare things about your frame, is that it’s in excellent condition. As you can imagine these frames being made of plaster are very fragile, and it’s difficult to find them without a lot of the decoration chipped away.

The portrait or photo inside of it has little value unless there is documentation of it having an important provenance.

Retail value: $125-$150
Wholesale value: $50-$65

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