Ya Snooze Ya Lose!

Knowing me I expect to make mistakes. I don’t mind it, in fact I welcome it as part of the learning process that keeps things interesting. But if there’s one kind of mistake I really dislike making, it’s one where I KNEW BETTER, but acted carelessly.

Those just get under my skin.

Here’s what happened:

On my way to the Rowley Flea Market last Sunday, I saw on the side of the road, a set of “This End Up” furniture. A sofa, stand w/ door and draw, table, desk w/ writing platform, end table and chair.

All for $60 – a steal.

Since the flea was up the road a half mile and I had business there, I figured I’d touch base with a contact there quick, and come back. Oh, I knew the set wouldn’t be around all day, but it should be OK for 15 minutes right?


I came back to the set about 20 minutes later and a woman was loading the desk into her jeep. (She only wanted the desk and the 1 door stand!) So the other items were available still, but it was the appeal of a whole set that made the deal such a bargain.

I helped her  son cram the stand next to the desk, and handed her a business card in defeat.

I wished her well. Although I missed a great buy, in this case I didn’t feel too bac because it was for her son who was lit up at the cool new aquisition for his room.

 At $60 I’m sure I  could have flipped it in hours for $150, so I lost a quick $90.

Ya snooze ya lose, and the great deals don’t stick around!



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