What’s it worth? Vintage chandelier appraisal

Steve asks:

Hello there,
Am hopeful you may shed some light on our brass chandelier that we have
come to own with the purchase of our home.
While I see no discernable markings (not positive where I should be looking) the
rough dimensions are as follows;
27” wide tip to tip
42” from ceiling
Roses/petals are 2-2.375” in dia.
Appears to be solid brass and is very heavy!
Any/all info appreciated.
Thanks for taking a look.

vintage chandelier 

AW says:

Hello Steve, when we’re dating this, we look at the chain which holds it for indication of age. This would be made after 1940 according to the chain. It appears to be an American light fixture with European styling. Mostly French influence.

As for it being brass, you can take a magnet to it, if it sticks it is NOT brass. However, some composition metals are not magnetic either. However, those metals tend to not be anywhere near as heavy as brass.

Your fixture is very well done, and in the right home, it would be a great addition. This would be a popular item with decorators.

Circa after 1940

Retail value: If brass, $450-$600 If not $325

Wholesale value: Brass: $225 if not brass $125 (the reason for the large gap between retail and wholesale is that these are not overly popular with dealers as they can be difficult for some sellers to display.)

Quick sale: If brass, $125, if not $75-$95

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