What’s it worth? Appraisal of antique sled

Jeanne asks:


I am attaching some photos of an unusual “flexible flier type” sled that I acquired several years ago.  39” long, 11’ wide body and 24” span handles.  (Somemone painted the underside—-on the metal rungs only—-I’m sure the paint can be removed, its already flaking off.)  I have more photos if needed.


antique sled with indian maidenantique sled

AW says:

Hello Jeanne, this appears to be a sled made by Acme co. (Yes there really was an Acme co. and as referenced in many of the old Warner Bros. cartoons, they made many things)

 The name Red Wing refers to the American Indian maiden depicted on the sled and her presence on the sled accounts for much of it’s value. I wouldn’t worry about the paint on the underside too much, this is an aesthetically beautiful piece and that paint job probably protected the underside during use.

Circa 1890-1925. We know that it’s this old due to the fact that the runners are not the round cornered safety runners which were introduced later.

Retail value: $175

Wholesale: $75

Quick sale: $50

Keywords = Acme, antique sled, victorian, red wing, American Indian maiden