Art Glass Roosters Appraisal

Art Glass Roosters Appraisal

Lee G. asks:

I was very pleased to have found your site on the internet and would like there glass roosters appraised.

These two glass rooster figurines given to me by a great aunt. I don’t suppose they are really worth much but have not been able to track down any information about them. They unfortunately have some breakage (beaks have mostly broken off).

If you are able to give any information I would be very appreciative.

Thank you.

AW says: It looks like you have a pair of Murano or Venetian, Italian art glass Roosters. This type of art glass became popular in the late 1960s through 70s, it was generally made for the tourist market. Believe it or not, because there is a hot trend lately in roosters and chickens, your pair would be worth $75.00 to $100 without damage. However because of the broken beaks they are worth $5.00 to $10.00.


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  1. Can you send me a email address where i can send a picture of my Murono Glass Rooster for you to take a look at. If possible i would like some information on the roster and what it is worth. It is in imaculate condition.



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