HWN Grandfather Clock Possibly Rescued from Nazis in WWII

Was this a…

              HWN Grandfather Clock Possibly Rescued from Nazis in WWIIHWN Grandfather Clock

HWN Clock

Was this rescued from the Nazis in WWII?

Babette asks:

My father would like to know the value and history of this clock. Thank You.

AW says:

This is a circa 1925 and was made by  Hans Winterhalder who was the son of Johannes Winterhalder. Hans was passed the clcok business by this father in 1919. In 1925 He formed the business which made your clock.

“H. Winterhalder AG Neustadt (HAWINA)”. The trademarks were HWN andHAWINA.
His goal was to make good quality affordable clocks, and the better ones like yours are sought after by collectors today.

As to the supposition that it was rescued from Nazis in WWII (reader; see the second photo above of the text document) one can only guess. There were certainly many fine antiques and quality items confiscated and stored by the German Army in WWII but the only way of knowing if this was one of them would be to have some written provenance.

Retail value: $1,495

Wholesale: $700