Reed & Barton pumpkin form teapot

An appraisal client wants to know: How much is my antique teapot worth?

reed & barton teapot

This rare silverplate piece is in excellent condition.

Reed & Barton pumpkin form teapot

AW Says:

This is a rare piece of Silverplate and the appraised value is at a premium because the condition is superior.

Please do not polish the silver plate off this as some people mistakenly do

Reed & Barton was formed by Henry Reed & Charles Barton at Taunton, MA in 1840.

Reed & Barton pieces are know for their elegance and superior detail. They sometimes made their fine pieces with sterling rather than plated silver and those pieces bring quite a bit more money.

Retail Value: $275-$325

Wholesale $150-200

Contemporary glass shade Chandelier Appraisal

Leah asks:

What is my chandelier worth? It was purchased in San Francisco and is made of blown glass.



contemporary chandelier

AW says: That is a beautiful contemporary chandelier. While the shades are certainly made of glass, they are not blown glass rather pressed or molded glass. 

Although this does not appear to be signed, we can tell it is a very nice quality lighting fixture for the following reasons among others. 

First there are many fixtures on this piece and generally speaking the more arms as chandelier has, the more valuable it is.

Also if you look at the end of the finished leaves you can see that great attention was paid to detail.

And of course the free-form design is just beautiful. That said know that chandeliers are custom items and can be tricky to resell.

Circa late 20th century

Retail value: $1,500-$1,700

Wholesale: 1,000 


  • Free form
  • Contemporary chandelier
  • Pressed glass shades