Authentic Hoosier Cabinet Appraisal

Gayle says: Please appraise my Hoosier cabinet.

AW says: Thanks for the great pics! From these we can verify that this is an authentic Hoosier Cabinet. Note the H on the hardware. This is made of Oak and appears to have all it’s original gear which is a big plus!

There are a lot of Hoosier types that are out there, but the original Hoosier is still an American favorite.

Although large furniture is down in value these days, this classic is still desirable. This is largely due to it’s function and style. It’s simple, but still very relevant today.

It would be sought by foodies, decorators, moms, and antiques dealers.

Circa 1930s

Retail value: $1,200

Wholesale: $500 (The reason for the extra large gap between wholesale & retail is due to the size of this piece. Many dealers are tight for space these days as most furniture is slow-selling.)


  • Hoosier Cabinet
  • Indiana
  • Americana

Authentic Hoosier Cabinet Appraisal Authentic Hoosier Cabinet Appraisal Hoosier3