Contemporary Colonial Style Brass Chandelier Appraisal

Contemporary Colonial Style Brass Chandelier Appraisal

Mark asks:

What is the appraised value of my brass chandelier?  It is

30″ wide x 28″ high
6 arms
all brass
porcelain accents
brass chandelier brass chandelier
AW says: That’s a very nice quality colonial revival American brass chandelier. It has stylings of European influence, as per the porcelain faux oil pots and white shades.  The quality is evident from the construction and contour of the brass work and the fact that it is all solid brass.
This may be a Hubbell piece, or quite possibly a Stiffel fixture, although I don’t recall this model being in Stiffel’s line.
Circa late 20th century.
Retail price:
Wholesale price $100-$300.
Brass chandelier
brass fixture
colonial style brass chandelier

Lucy M Lewis Acoma Pottery Turkey Appraisal

Lucy M Lewis acoma pottery Lucy M Lewis acoma pottery signature

Lucy M Lewis Acoma Pottery Turkey Appraisal

We bought this pottery in New Mexico in the late 60’s. It’s possible th it was ‘over-fired’ since there are some black marks on it.
Otherwise it is in perfect condition
We bought a fine bowl by J. Lewis at the same time.

AW says: That’s an excellent example of Lucy Martin Lewis Acoma pottery. These piece of hand coiled pottery are pit-fired.  It’s rare that these pieces of clay art come out perfect.

Lucy began making pottery at the age of eight years old under the supervision of her aunt.

She mastered the traditional black on white design technique of the Acoma Pueblo Native Americans. She  is sometimes compared to Pablo Picasso.  You have a wonderful piece of American history.  The Acoma Native Americans considered the clay they worked with to be sacred.


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