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Antique Boston Rocker Appraisal

Antique Boston Rocker Appraisal

Stephen asks:

We are looking for information that you can give us on this chair, is it possibly a Hitchcock Rocker? Also what price range could we sell this at?

boston rocker

antique boston rocker



AW says: This is an early Boston rocker, but it’s not a Hitchcock piece of furniture, rather it’s what we would call “in the style of Hitchcock”

Lambert Hitchcock produced thousands of chairs that made popular the stenciling technique that is on the back of your chair. This technique helped to speed up production as it was a much faster decorating method than hand painting.

Several things lead me to the conclusion that your chair is not a Hitchcock. First, the crest on the back is different from any style of chair I’ve seen which Hitchcock produced.

Next even though the paint is faded, there is enough there to bear the name of the co. if it were signed, as almost all of them were. I don’t see any such stenciled signature on yours in these, or any of the other pictures you’ve sent me.

Also, it looks like this chair was painted over another original color. Something that was done to make it appear to be a Hitchcock chair. This was often done with many antique items to make them appear more stylish and bring them into vogue.

Circa early to mid 1800s.

Retail value $125-$175

Wholesale value: $50-$75


  • Boston Rocker
  • Hitchcock style rocking chair
  • plank seat rocker