Two Volume Set of Les Miserables Appraisal

Jeannie asks:

What is my two volume set Les Miserables worth? 2  editions Les Miserable books in excellent condition published by Thomas Nelson Co.
all pages are in tact, no tears, rips or marks on any pages
I cannot find any date on the books
red cover is also in above average conditions

Les Miserables Two Volume Set

A Two Volume Set circa 1910s

AW says: Two Volume Set Les Miserables Appraisal: That’s a very nice two volume set of Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables.  The beautifully impressed covers are excellent examples of art work of the Art Nouveau period in America.

It’s circa 1910s, thus, is quite a few editions after it’s original publication in 1862. While your two volume set is lovely and has some collectible value, it is not especially rare or valuable at this time.  From the pictures you’ve sent, I can see that the condition is excellent and that helps.

Retail value: $65 for the set.

Wholesale: $35

Victor Hugo’s (middle name Marie) is one of the and best known French authors.   Les Miserables (1862) & The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) are his most famous World-Wide works.

He is an artist, has 4000 plus drawings, and was quite a social activist.

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Exceptional Art Nouveau Double Curio Cabinet

Exceptional Art Nouveau Double Curio Cabinet

Staci says:

I hope these pics are good enough for you to figure out some info on this cabinet . The only writing on it at all is the # 420 written in chalk on the back .

I was with my mother when she purchased it at a small antique shop in SLC Utah during the late 1980’s , I think  she paid about $300 for it then . It  is in very good condition without any damage or chips that I can see.  It does have a quite old light fixture bar installed at the top but it looks like it was added rather than being original.

I think it is so beautiful with the curved glass doors that open on each side . The silver detail seems to be more of some type of thick paint rather than truly etched in to the glass but I’m not sure. I’m not planning on selling it I just find antiques so interesting and wonder what it’s story is. I appreciate any info you can help with and let me know if I should try to get some  better pics .

Thank you , Staci

AW says: This is certainly one of the nicer double bow-front curio cabinets that I’ve seen! It’s definitely in the Art Nouveau style and circa 1910s. It’s made of Oak. The decoration is silver paint and the item appears to be in excellent condition.

Pieces like this were in high demand in the 1980s and I’m very surprised at the price of $300 that you think she paid for it. Are you sure of that? It seems very low.

The chalk mark on the back of #420 is probably a buyer’s # from an an auction house.

Retail value: $2,500

Wholesale value: $900

The reason for the unusually large gap between these two prices is that large furniture tends to sell slowly at this time.

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Amazing Cathedral from kit

Amazing Cathedral Structure Plywood Kit


Amazing Cathedral Structure Plywood Kit

Dell says:

I was told this was “Tramp Art“. Can you appraise it for me?   It is a very large very detailed piece. It is 4’ tall by about 30” wide wide.I can take more photos if that will help

AW says: The item which you’ve sent me pictures of is a wonderful model. But it’s not a piece of Tramp Art also sometimes called Folk Art, and even Prison Art, although your item (a Cathedral I think) was meant to look like these types of art.

What you have here is something that was built from a kit. The pieces are all pre-cut and machine made. A piece of Tramp Art would have more actual hand made work.

Tramp Art which was popular from the 1870s until the 1940s is named for the people who made it.  When Hobo and Tramps fashioned piece of art, sculptures out of whatever wood was available at the time. Often the pieces were elaborate, and can command a good price today.

The same is true for Folk Art and Prison art. Although Prison Art generally brings lower prices that the latter two types of sculptures.

Your piece is circa late 20th to 21st century. And as I said, made from a model kit. If you look close at the edges of the pieces, you’ll see they are multi-layered. Still, it’s an impressive piece, and does have some value,  but just not what a piece of Tramp Art would be valued at.

Retail value: $175

Wholesale value: $85

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Amazing Cathedral Structure Plywood Kit

Amazing Cathedral Structure Plywood Kit

W Davis Antelope God Carving

W Davis Antelope God Wood Carvings

Jeannie says: Please appraise my pair of W. Davis Wood Carvings

These are carvings of Bambara (a ritual object depicting antelope)

AW says: These W Davis Antelope God Wood Carvings are excellent examples of spiritual abstract wood carvings. My data bases do not come up with any information for a W. Davis as a wood sculptor.  When an artist is not known, then we must work on the merit of the pieces themselves, market demand and market competition for like items. This is much the same as it would be for any other appraisal.

Retail value for the pair $350

Wholesale Value $100

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Paul Emile Lecomte Print Mevagissey Harbor

Paul Emile Lecomte Print Mevagissey Harbor

Jeannie says:

The pics I sent for painting are a original signed print from Paul Emile Lecomte, produced 1939 Mevagissey Harbour

AW says:

Paul Emile Lecomte studied painting under his father Paul Lecomte, Sr.,(1842-1920), and comes from a long family line of artists. He is a landscape and marine artist.  I’ve found his record price at auction to be $13,995 for a beach scene painting which sold in 2008.

A hand signed print like the one you have is very well made and textured to look like an authentic painting.

Retail value: $375

Wholesale value: $175

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USS Delaware Painting

USS Delaware Antique Painting

 USS Delaware Antique Painting

Beth says:

Hi Walt,


I would like you to appraise this USS Delaware antique painting. I purchased three appraisals a few years ago (April 2012) and have only been able to send in one since then.  (Been caring for elderly parents)  I’m hoping I still have a credit for two more.
If so I’m sending in pics of a painting  (or print glued to canvas?)  that belongs to a Senior that I’m helping downsize into an Assisted Living Center. I’m trying to help her determine what if any value it may have.
It’s been hanging on the same wall in the home for decades and the only history she can give me is the info that her husband put on the back on the canvas. See pic.
The canvas out of frame measures 18″x24″.  In the frame it measures 24″x30″  USS Delaware Antique Painting
I don’t know much about the age of the actual canvas and I’m assuming the frame is not the original.
The residue on the back is from some old duck tape (ugh!) that I removed to get a better idea of the framing.
I was hoping I’d find a signature on the canvas hidden by the frame but there’s nothing discernable.
A few pics are in the frame and a few of the condition of the canvas out of the frame.
Thanks for any info you can provide!

The painting owner gave me one more piece of info re: the origin of the USS Delaware painting appraisal I emailed this am. (This info was provided in a .jpg and is depicted in the last picture above – AW)

AW says:

Hello Beth, I remember you and my records show that you do indeed have two more appraisal credits. (They don’t expire :)

This is a very nice piece of “Chinese export art” I believe this  USS Delaware Antique Painting was likely painted in Hong Kong as this is certainly the style and mood that would have fit the time. I don’t doubt that it is a period painting, and fairly well done, but it has some issues.

First is the condition; the fact that it was taken off and re-glued to another canvas devalues the piece by quite a bit.

Also, the fact that it was not signed does not help, although it was probably painted by for the soldiers as a souvenir to bring back home by a local talent.

Circa late 1800s

Retail value: $450

Wholesale $175 (Wholesale is a lower than average percentage because a re-seller will likely beat you up on the condition)


Hong Kong

Export Art

Antique Oil Painting

USS Delaware


murano glass chandelier

Vintage Mid-Century Murano Glass Chandelier 


murano glass chandelier

sputnik style murano glass chandelier

Vintage Mid-Century Murano Glass Chandelier

Amber says:

Here is another Murano glass chandelier I’d like you to appraise. The glass rods are thicker than the ones on the chandelier I previously submitted. There are 8 bulbs.

AW says:

This piece is obviously made by the same designer, and although at this time we don’t know who  that is, here are a few things we can know.

While it’s a beautiful vintage mid-century murano glass chandelier, it’s nowhere near as grand as the one I appraised for you prior.  This one is in the mid-century style, but  it does not really have enough going on to appeal to the sputnik purists who favor longer appendages which will through a much different light.

One factor in it’s favor is although it’s lower priced, it should be easier to display, pack and therefore possibly sell. This means it could quite possibly be an easy sell in the wholesale range as dealers like things that are easy to mount, dis-mount, ship and deliver.

Another nice thing here is that you have a pair of these and if you find the right designer or homeowner,  selling them as a package could be beneficial.

Circa 1969-1975
Retail value: $1,500
Wholesale value: $750
glass rods
murano glass



Murano Glass Rods Sputnik Chandelier

sputnik chandelier

The glass rods assure this will throw light like a diamond.

Mid-Century Sputnik Chandelier Glass Rods

Probably Murano Glass Rods

Murano Glass Rods Sputnik Chandelier

Amber says:

House was built 1979, we purchased 2012, but not sure how long they have been here. All bulbs work and have spare rods. 24″ diameter likely. Rods are triangular…maybe 1/2″ side dimensions.
AW says: This is an excellent example of a “Sputnik” chandelier. So named for the form of the Soviet space satellite Sputnik 1 which was the first artificial space satellite ever launched into orbit in 1957.
Not long after the launch, much of the world quickly became enchanted with the satellite and it soon began showing up in designs and fashion in just about every medium.
Of course lighting was a natural fit for Sputnik designs and it is still used today.
You did not mention a signature or makers’ mark on you fixture, but the triangular shape of the glass rods tells me it’s most likely a Murano Glass Rods Sputnik Chandelier. Although it may have been assembled somewhere else.
As noted above, there are a lot of Sputnik lighting forms, but the subject here is in the upper class due to it’s elegant glass rods. The reflection quality of these is much greater than those with metal rods.
Circa 1969-1975
Retail value: $6,500
Wholesale value: $3,500
glass rods
murano glass